Reimagine & Revolutionize
Your Operations

Aviation, travel and border environments face continuous and rapidly changing demands. If you’re in the global travel sector, you not only have to stay apace with fast-paced changes in a competitive environment, you have to set yourself apart. Pangiam lets you reimagine your operations and unlock the possibilities for passengers, partners and the communities you serve.

Unlock What’s Possible

Through emerging technologies, cloud-based applications and data-driven solutions, Pangiam revolutionizes operations anywhere there’s a need to facilitate the secure and efficient flow of people and goods. For example:

  • Streamline security through facial recognition technologies
  • Apply Artificial Intelligence (AI)/Machine learning (ML) for improved threat detection and response
  • Add capabilities to existing infrastructure
  • Deliver frictionless, personalized customer experiences
  • Increase operational resilience and continuity
  • “Future proof” operations and facilitate quick technology adoption with open architecture systems that will accommodate tomorrow’s innovation
  • Easily comply with government regulations
  • Deploy “at the edge” solutions for less strain on the network
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We can also offer a new and better way of doing business for many in global travel through:

  • A bundled approach to delivering technology, services, expertise and
  • An entire ecosystem of end-to-end services, including the ability to garner project funding and investment.
  • A suite of Managed Services to support an infinite range of initiatives — from architecting physical infrastructure to digital experiences.

Who is Pangiam?

At Pangiam, we are innovators, problem solvers, technologists, and experts. We deliver best-in-class technology-driven solutions, coupled with consulting services that draw on decades of private and public sector experience and the ability to tap a global network of industry and government partners to meet mission-focused objectives. We solve real-world operational, facilitation and security challenges — to get the world moving.