Stand-Alone Products.
Or Turnkey Solutions.

Pangiam collaborates with our customers to reimagine and revolutionize their operational processes and user experiences. Depending upon the objective, we can deliver modular, stand-alone products, or conceive, design, deliver and operate all aspects of a solution.

Who We Serve?

Global commercial and government customers tackling real-world challenges.

  • Travel and Aviation Security
  • Public Safety
  • Border Management
  • Law Enforcement
  • Sports and Entertainment
  • Public Health
  • Facilities Management (Secure Access)
  • Trade/Cargo
  • Defense and National Security

The Problems We Solve.

Challenges involving the smooth and secure movement of people and goods.

Modular. Device/Vendor Agnostic. Easy to Deploy.

Pangiam products are device and vendor agnostic so they integrate easily with other systems and solutions and can be customized to fit any environment – enabling you to maximize the ROI of your existing infrastructure.

Pangiam Beacon

Offers quick and convenient mobile app enrollment capabilities for people at home or on-the-go.

Pangiam veriScan™

Takes real-time photos for biometric identity verification.

Pangiam Trueface

Rapid 1:N searching of photo templates (numerical representations of photographs) to enable verification of a person’s identity using their chosen document.

Pangiam Meridian

Integrates all of the third-party systems associated with a specific operational process to make it seamless and more efficient, whether that means facilitating curb-to-gate operations or the flow of people arriving at venues or secured facilities.

Pangiam Project DARTMOUTH

Combines Pangiam technologies with Google Cloud’s leading AI and computer vision technologies to transform airport security operations by looking for threats concealed within baggage and other shipments at airports.

Our Consulting Services.

Bridging the gap between innovation and mission.

Pangiam’s best-in-class consulting services draw on decades of private and public sector experience; leverage our in-house software, hardware and technology scouting capabilities; and tap a global network of industry and government partners to meet your mission-focused objectives.

End-to-End Services

We provide comprehensive services, from concept development and solution design through delivery and implementation.

Depth of Expertise

From the White House to the board room, Pangiam has the executive, administrative and operational know-how to craft solutions that are both cutting-edge and pragmatic, and which deliver significant value to users.

Solutions for Every Industry

No problem is too challenging, too large or too small. We serve a broad range of customers, from government agencies to airports to associations.