Completes Pangiam Acquisition, Establishing Leading Position in Vision AI for the Combined Company

Who is Pangiam?

Security Experts.
Problem Solvers.

Pangiam, a Company, was founded by a team of customs and security professionals with decades of collective senior-level executive experience. Through innovation, emerging technologies and the power of data, we solve the security, facilitation and operational challenges you face today — to get your world moving.

Why Pangiam?

Visionary Expertise on Your Side.

We Understand Your Vision

We understand today’s operational challenges, but we also understand the deep urge to create something altogether new and better, be it frictionless experiences for travelers or the secure, smooth movement of cargo across borders.

We Innovate for What’s Possible

As a team of experts and technologists from both the private and public sectors, we solve challenges by reimagining what’s possible and designing and delivering solutions to achieve that vision.

We Play Well with Others

The Pangiam team represents expertise from all over government and industry, and the world. We value collaboration and shared successes. And our products also play well with others. They are device and vendor agnostic and integrate easily with existing equipment, systems and processes.

We Make it Easy

We understand the ins and outs of complex processes and systems and can propose singular products or fully integrated solutions to meet your objectives — whether you’re seeking seamless identity verification or the ability to identify concealed threats in stowed luggage or carry-on bags.

We Have Specialized Expertise and Insight

We built some of the U.S. federal government’s most complex identity verification systems. We apply this unique firsthand experience to benefit both our government and commercial customers.

Solutions for Real-World Operational Challenges

Revolutionize your operations through emerging technologies, cloud-based applications and data-driven solutions.

  • Streamline security through facial recognition technologies
  • Apply Artificial Intelligence (AI)/Machine Learning (ML) for improved threat detection and response
  • Add capabilities to existing infrastructure
  • Deliver frictionless, personalized customer experiences
  • Increase operational resilience and continuity
  • “Future proof” operations and facilitate quick technology adoption with open architecture systems that will accommodate tomorrow’s innovation
  • Easily comply with government regulations
  • Deploy “at the edge” solutions for less strain on the network

Modular. Device/Vendor Agnostic. Easy to Deploy.'s Pangiam products are device and vendor agnostic so they integrate easily with other systems and solutions and can be customized to fit any environment – enabling you to maximize the ROI of your existing infrastructure.

Pangiam Beacon

Offers quick and convenient mobile app enrollment.

Pangiam veriScan™

Takes real-time photos for biometric identity verification.

Pangiam Trueface

Rapid 1:N searching of photo templates (numerical representations of photographs) to enable verification of a person’s identity using their chosen document.

Pangiam Meridian

Integrates all of the third-party systems associated with a specific operational process to make it seamless and more efficient, whether that means facilitating curb-to-gate operations or the flow of people arriving at venues or secured facilities.

Pangiam Project DARTMOUTH

Combines Pangiam technologies with Google Cloud’s leading AI and computer vision technologies to transform airport security operations by looking for threats concealed within baggage and other shipments at airports.