Pangiam Government Solutions

  • Cloud Platforms
    We help our government customers use cloud platforms to transform how they serve the public and achieve their missions.
  • Make Better Decisions Faster
    Data is noisy, unstructured and hard to manage. We manage petabytes of data daily, utilizing processes to enrich, distill and apply analytics, enabling law enforcement and national security operators to make better informed decisions in real time.
  • Mission Tempo
    Deploy in weeks, not months, and affect your mission faster. Through our unique expertise, Pangiam provides immediate value.
  • Top-Ranked and Soon-to-Be FedRAMP Ready
    Our facial recognition technology is ranked one of the fastest and most accurate in the world by the National Institutes of Standards and Technology (NIST) and our products are becoming FedRAMP Ready for faster and more efficient procurement.

Key Systems and Capabilities

Biometric Integration and Identity Verification

  • Biometric (facial recognition) and biographic (big data, AI/ML search) against n number of data sources
  • Top-ranked by NIST and DHS
  • Bias mitigated algorithms ensure parity of performance

Access Control and Digital Authentication

  • Expedite ingress into government spaces or log in to systems while maintaining a high level of security
  • Open architecture allows for easy integration
  • Events-based gallery creation

National Security and Intelligence

  • Tailored for governments to determine admissibility of people and goods
  • Search 1 billion faces per second with low OPEX
  • Deduplicate galleries to increase security

Border and Transportation Security

  • Enhance security and facilitation simultaneously with biometrics
  • Designed to scale while reducing OPEX
  • Integrate into existing systems with open architecture