Pangiam Meridian

Seamless End-to-End Experiences

Pangiam Meridian integrates all the applications, service providers and systems associated with a workflow or process, and manages the interactions required to create a seamless experience for users, whether it’s supporting curb-to-gate operations or the flow of attendees at a large event venue.


Connects to disparate technologies from stakeholders, be it government or commercial enterprises.

Simple “Single Partner” Approach

As photo galleries increase in size, search performance remains consistent without increasing operating costs.


Offers the ability to gather and analyze data to predict, plan and optimize operations; serves as a “message broker” to manage and facilitate interactions across systems.

Features & Benefits

  • Application Programming Interface (API) allows applications to access data securely and interact with external software components, operating systems and microservices
  • Securely transmits and exchanges data with integrated systems
  • Streamlines vendor and service provider ecosystem
  • Deploys easily without requiring new infrastructure
  • Integrates seamlessly with existing hardware