Pangiam Bridge

AI-driven customs inspection

Pangiam Bridge is our groundbreaking, AI-driven solution to automate portions of the customs inspection process. Our goal is to provide a new tool that increases operational effectiveness, integrates seamlessly into port operations, and provides customs officials with new insights into cargo and conveyance traffic.

Pangiam has partnered with West Virginia University to leverage their extensive work in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) for the purpose of developing a customizable solution to benefit customs agencies and their operations worldwide. West Virginia has extensive experience in working with Intelligence and Defense agencies in the US.

Custom-Built Solutions

For each use case, Pangiam develops customized models that are both platform and cloud agnostic and can be integrated seamlessly with existing IT and operations.

Phased Approach

Pangiam develops models alongside the operation, starting with low-risk use cases to build confidence with security operators and developing a roadmap to address more high risk, complex mission needs.

Pangiam Bridge Value Proposition for Customs Authorities:

  • Focus on advanced targeting
  • Handle high risk cargo such as mixed loads or higher density
  • Manage continued growth in cross border trade