Pangiam veriScan

Fast, Accurate Authentication

Our industry-leading facial recognition technology takes fast, accurate authentication in real time and transmits them securely to the biometric matching service for convenient, rapid identity verification.


Fast, accurate authentication in real time to eliminate manual screening processing.


Available for iPad or any iOS mobile device, with flexible mounting options (floor stand, desktop or articulating arm). Supports out-of-the-box deployments, such as Biometric TSA Pre-Check and CBP Air Exit (TVS).


Capable of sending images to different galleries simultaneously, enabling a seamless transition between private and public galleries, domestic and international.

The Technology

Our state-of-the-art computer vision uses artificial intelligence (AI) to apply human-like sighting capabilities to extract information from the visual world and gain high-level insights from digital images or videos. More about Computer Vision

Features & Benefits

  • Wireless connectivity (Wi-Fi or cellular)
  • Compatible with mobile devices and tablets, and commercially available hardware
  • Several scanning methods for greater control (including manual processing)
  • Secure and government compliant
  • Dashboard access and viewing by authorized users
  • Identity verification response display
  • Custom branding options
  • Scalable for any sized facility and deployment
  • Available as a stand-alone application or part of an end-to-end solution